What patients are saying 


Voila!  The pain is gone! 

“Do you know what distinguishes you from all chiropractors I have seen? During my adjustment you told me to focus on a painful memory. Later, I realized you not only removed the pain in my back but when that memory returns, it is like I see it through a plate glass window . . . no emotion attached. Viola! The grief is gone!

You really do heal body, mind and spirit. One thing about Santa Fe I miss is you and your treatments. There’s really no one better.”
— Andrea Arrowsmith

. . . no surgery or any more pills

“About twenty years ago I was diagnosed with a severe case of sciatica. The orthopedic doctors had tried for almost a year to relieve the pain, which was so severe that I was unable to sit down. Finally, they said I would have to have back surgery.

Before I took that drastic step I decided to try, for the first time, a chiropractor. This was almost as frightening to me as surgery. But I took a chance and ended up discovering peace and a painless life again! Dr. Turunen worked with me for several weeks, and all the time I was getting more and more pain relief. In the end, after only six weeks, I could sit, walk and move freely without pain! There was no surgery or any more pills. It is a gift I will never forget.”
— Marjorie Genova

For about two years I was in continuous pain . . .

“I was 19 when I was injured in a serious car accident. For about two years I was in continuous pain — neck, shoulders, back, horrible migraines, numbness down legs and arms, and I couldn’t carry anything. The list went on and on. I was sent from one specialist to the next and each one told me that basically there was nothing they could do and sent me away with pain medication. I refused to believe I had to live the rest of my life dealing with these problems.

At that point I heard about Dr. Turunen from someone who had suffered from serious brain trauma after a bad car accident and was helped tremendously by her. I had already seen a chiropractor. But I knew right away that Dr. Turunen was different than any other doctor I had seen. When I began to experience improvements with my health, I knew I was receiving the kind of care that I’d needed all along. Today I am doing very well thanks to her.

Dr. Turunen is a very talented and skilled chiropractor. She has the ability to read your body and knows how to heal your ailments. Before I was faced with my own pain, I was unaware how important having your health really is. I trusted Dr. Turunen with my health and am so thankful that I did.”
— Melissa G., Oakland

I am riding and jumping horses again

“I am Rose, whom you worked on earlier this year. I had been suffering with little progress after a nasty horse accident, but after seeing you I began to heal significantly. Your gentle adjustments showed my neck how to begin to let go of the trauma.

On your advice, I found a “non-force” chiropractor here in my home town and began seeing him regularly . . . I am riding and jumping horses again. They are my greatest passion. I am so grateful to you for the release from pain and the excellent advice. I am in no pain now. I did not now how to proceed to get better until I met you. I wish you all the best.”
— Rose C.

Dr. Turunen saved my life . . . 

“Dr. Turunen saved my life when I could not even walk because of intense sciatic pain. I could not go out anymore. Nothing helped — balms, baths, rest, stretching. I was in tears from the severe pain. I remembered talking to a neighbor who told me about Dr. Turunen and how gentle and nice she was. I was afraid, as I had never seen a chiropractor before, but I was also desperate for help. She came to my house. After my first treatment I was able to walk to her office the next day with no pain.

I hadn’t been able to walk for two months until I saw this gentle woman. She has the kindest touch I’ve ever felt. I trust her completely and I am not a trusting person at all. This is the only person I have met that can help pain without giving more pain. She not only heals your body but also calms the mind. I love her to death.”
— Sybille Beltran

. . . happier than I've ever been

“I’m writing to let you know how I am doing and to thank you. I really enjoy living in out in the country after so many years in cities. I’m finally on the other side of all the emotional pain that came up with the incest memories.

Since I came to see you for headaches, I never expected to have to deal with all this. I never realized how physical pain in my body could come from buried memories. My headaches are gone and I am happier than I have ever been.

I am so grateful to you for your healing work, your encouragement and support, and a safe place for me to come to.”
— Laura M.

Completely out of pain, off all medication, and back to work

“My car was run over by a semi on the freeway. I had severe neck, shoulder and back pain for months. I saw a neurologist, orthopedist, chiropractor and physical therapist and was taking a lot of pain medication. I wasn’t able to work and didn’t think I would ever be able to go back to my job.

It was at that point a good friend told me to go see her chiropractor, Dr. Turunen, because she said she is ‘the best chiropractor in the world.’ So I did. In a few months I was completely out of pain, off all medication, and back to work. Thanks, Dr. Turunen! “
— Judee K.