How Thoughts Affect Your Health

When negative experiences occur in our lives, the dominant feeling of the incident can get stored subconsciously along with its defense physiology. Since these patterns are memory-retained, your body may manifest some of the symptoms of that grievance each time you think about it or have that dominant thought or feeling again. Your mind literally re-creates the physiology of that past harmful experience and manifests the same damage to your body.

These patterns stored in your subconscious memory can disrupt the flow of information which negatively impacts the functioning of the physical body on every level.

Your nervous system can lose glandular/hormonal control, the immune system can be inhibited and the body can go into defense physiology where healing slows or cannot occur. It is what is in our subconscious memories that controls our physiology.

When we clear these neuro-emotional memory patterns that are stored in the nervous system and are reflected in your energy field, it frees and restores the healing potential of your body so that you can begin to think, feel and function the way you should.

- M.T. Morter, D.C., M.S.