What to Expect from Chiropractic Care in this Office

“I hadn’t been able to walk for two months until I saw this gentle woman. She has the kindest touch I’ve ever felt. I trust her completely and I am not a trusting person at all. This is the only person I have met that can help pain without giving more pain. She not only heals your body but also calms the mind. I love her to death.” — Sybille Beltran

The chiropractic adjustment you receive here is very gentle with no twisting, forcing or popping of the spine.  Many patients report feeling quite relaxed during and after treatment.  Some even fall asleep. 


I have studied and incorporated several chiropractic techniques into my practice which has evolved into my own unique holistic chiropractic healing method.  This is based on the results of over twenty five years of clinical experience and continual study of natural healing methods.  

I combine gentle touch adjustments to correct subluxations (misalignments) of the spine, cranium and extremities along with clearing neuro-emotional patterns (deep-seated thoughts) from subconscious memory. This results in release of long-standing patterns at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, thus allowing deep healing to occur.  This is discussed in more detail below.

Getting to the Cause of Your Problem

Pain can be located in one part of your body while the source of that pain is somewhere else.  My goal is to find and remove the underlying cause of your symptoms so that your body can heal.  

Most pain and dis-ease come from negative stressors:

  • physical trauma (accidents, injuries, repetitive motion, etc.)
  • toxicity (dietary and environmental) and
  • thoughts (thinking and reacting negatively to what life brings us).

Of these three stressors, thoughts affect our health the most.  Core health issues can often be traced back to subconscious memory, to residual memory patterns operating in our lives from old injuries and negative experiences.  The thoughts we choose to think generate feelings and emotions that can create physical problems without our ever being consciously aware of it.


How Thoughts Affect Your Health

"When negative experiences occur in our lives, the dominant feeling of the incident can get stored subconsciously along with its defense physiology.  Since these patterns are memory-retained, your body may manifest some of the symptoms of that grievance each time you think about it or have that dominant thought or feeling again.  Your mind literally re-creates the physiology of that past harmful experience and manifests the same damage to your body. 


These patterns stored in your subconscious memory can disrupt the flow of information which negatively impacts the functioning of the physical body on every level.

Your nervous system can lose glandular/hormonal control, the immune system can be inhibited and the body can go into defense physiology where healing slows or cannot occur.  It is what is in our subconscious memories that controls our  physiology. 

When we clear these neuro-emotional memory patterns that are stored in the nervous system and are reflected in your energy field, it frees and restores the healing potential of your body so that you can begin to think, feel and function the way you should."  -- M.T. Morter, D.C., M.S.


Your inner intelligence puts energy into healing what is most important for survival first.  You may come in for lower back pain, but there may be an unknown problem with your heart, for example, that is more critical for survival than back pain.  Your back will eventually heal with continued treatment, but your own inner intelligence prioritizes what is most important to heal first.  

In some cases, deep-seated emotions either from your past or current living situation will rise to the surface to clear before neck pain resolves, for example.

Be mindful that healing is a process.  Clearing your nervous system and updating harmful memory patterns is much like peeling off layers on an onion to get to the core, so it may take some time.  Many chronic problems took years to develop.  

The length of time depends on what is wrong, how long you've had the condition, and on the lifestyle choices you've made.  Usually you will feel some change after a single treatment. 


Beyond Pain Relief:  Address Lifestyle Choices

We will also look at your lifestyle choices to see how they are contributing to your state of health.   What you think, what you ingest, and how you exercise, rest and sleep are the keystones to good health or poor health.

Often, a small change in a habit can have a noticeable positive health effect.  This, in turn, can motivate you to continue making healthier choices and ultimately take responsibility for your health, which is how it should be.  

Although it isn't always easy to change habits, awareness is the first step.  Some changes can be made slowly, some more quickly.  If you are in a life-threatening health situation, you want to act quickly.

Maintain Your Health and Prevent Disease


The health care you receive here is wellness care, not disease-crisis management care.  

Chiropractic in this office is much more than pain relief.  It is healing which results in your being more flexible and adaptable to handle life in a state of health rather than in sickness and pain. 

How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. 

It will make sense to get ongoing or periodic chiropractic adjustments once you understand that it is easier to clear interference that builds up from life's stressors before symptoms arise.

Use chiropractic care to not just get well, but to stay well and keep getting better.  

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